You can feel the sense of Japanese ‘’Omotenashi” at the school

Manuela / Italy

My experience at ARC in Osaka has been great. The staff is extremely friendly, kind and helpful. You can really count on them in every situation and I think this is an important factor in a school for foreign students. You really can sense the Japanese おもてなし(Omotenashi) starting from the way both teachers and reception staff say おはようございます(Ohayogozaimasu) every morning when you come in.

English speaking staff is also available which means that, if you’ve just arrived in Japan and are somehow lost or if you are in an emergency situation and you just can’t remember that word in Japanese, you will definitely find someone who can help you, so there is nothing you should worry about.

The school program is varied, students’ opinion exchange is encouraged during the lesson and in addition to the materials used in class, other textbooks are available in the common space for students reference. Of course it’s up to the students to actively participate in class and try to speak Japanese as much as possible even outside the school, which is the only way to actually improve the language, but that’s pretty あたりまえ (Atarimae – totally obvious).

Furthermore, the school has a very useful board for students who are willing to find a part-time job (which I strongly recommend as a very effective way to improve your Japanese skills and approach this country’s culture from a close perspective).

I had a wonderful time and met amazing people here. Wish other people can do the same, so I highly recommend this school.