All ARC staff are very professional and always happy to help you.

Dexter / England

I first came to ARC in 2015 during my university summer holiday. I decided on ARC because I had been recommended the school by two friends who had spent the summer here the year before. They spoke very highly of the school and I arrived with great expectations. Fortunately the school lived up to those expectations and more. So much so in fact, that I decided to come back once I finished my degree and I have been here almost 9 months now.

The best thing about ARC is the staff. Everyone is very professional and always happy to help you. Teachers will stay behind after class to answer your questions and the people on reception will help you with literally anything related to your life in Japan.

ARC also arranges a number of field trips which are a great way to explore Japan and also to make new friends.

I have also recently starting taking part in extra lessons to prepare for the JLPT this summer. We get lots of practice questions to try as well as an explanation of all the answers.

I’ve had a great experience at ARC and will be very sad to leave. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone looking to study in Japan!