I feel that I progress really quickly here

Robin / Sweden

Experiencing living in Japan is something I have wanted to do in my life for a very long time and after some preparations I booked a one-way ticket to Japan and started my new journey. It was my first time in Japan and I had no speaking, reading or writing abilities at all, but thanks to the professional teachers at ARC, it did not take me long before I could start using what I had learned and apply it to my daily life. At first I planned to stay and study for a year but decided to stay for a second year too, because I enjoy my life here and using what I learn at school to talk to Japanese friends and co workers.

All the teachers are highly skilled and have slightly different teaching styles which keeps studying interesting and fun. When the teachers get to know you better, they give you lots of help and advice to develop your own way of using Japanese and if you have any questions you can sit together with them after class even if it takes some time.

The lessons are well balanced and contains all aspects of learning Japanese like grammar, reading, listening, writing, speaking but my personal favorite is when we have role play style conversations because I can instantly use them in daily life and sometimes we are having so much fun with the conversations that we get a little off topic. Since we learn new things everyday I feel that I progress really quickly and the natural progression of the courses makes me strive more and more. It is a great feeling when Japanese people ask me how long I have studied Japanese and always become surprised that I have progressed so much in such a little time.

The teachers are friendly and enthusiastic to help out and there are support classes after the regular classes have finished where teachers can help out more personally if you want help with your homework, studying for a test or have any other questions. Thanks to the great support that is available you never feel left behind or that it’s becoming too much all at once.

The staff at the reception are also very friendly and helpful and can help out with more personal issues. They give you information about finding part time jobs, helping with accommodation, health insurance, calling the ward office, finding out how to get to a location or anything else that you might need help with. Thanks to their help I never needed to worry about anything outside school.

After graduating from ARC Academy I am planning on going to university and continuing building my life here in Japan.

My advice to everyone considering studying at ARC Academy is that no matter your plans for studying Japanese may it be finding a job, entering higher education or as a fun experience, everyone will be satisfied. You can reach fluency in Japanese at the same time as you are enjoying your life in Japan. It is an amazing experience on the personal level too, you can make long lasting friends and expanding your life experiences.