Corporate Client Lesson (Kyoto school)

Course Characteristics

ARC Academy has assisted the development of human resources of companies and corporations for the past 30 years.

Established as a Language Training Company

ARC Academy started teaching Japanese language to Businessmen, Diplomats and Technical Trainees. We promise to offer the needs of your company to succeed in the development of human resources.

Achievement of the past 30years

ARC Academy started business for foreigners to enable to use the Japanese language as a communication tool. We have students of over 45 different nationalities and are able to correspond to various needs. We are also experienced in a great number of training programs.

Development of Human Resources

ARC Academy offers classes such as Manner Training, Situation of Japan and Business Customs since we have had many requests from companies and corporations. Also, we have an Employment Support Section to support the development of human resources.

Lesson Plan

We propose the curriculum based on your company’s needs.

Private Lesson

One-on-one lessons at our school.
Recommended to busy businesspersons and those who would like to learn at their own pace.

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Group Lesson

Lessons for more than 2 students at our school.
Lessons for groups such as new employees internal training, regular training, welfare program, etc.

Lesson Example

Level Intermediate
Capacity 5
Duration 2 months (2hours/days×3/week) ex. Mon, Wed, Fri
Target To acquire not only daily conversation but to acquire conversation skills to communicate smoothy in the workplace and to participate in meetings.
Content Practice holding debates in Japanese, to improve skills of expression and prompt response. We will study necessary vocabulary and expressions.
Lesson Example Monday/Wednesday/Friday


Monday Wednesday Friday
10:00~11:00 Business Vocabulary Situation of Japan
Current Affairs
Business Conversation
11:00~12:00 Daily Conversation Business Conversation Discussion