Study Abroad Course (Kyoto school)

Course Characteristics

This is a course to aquire communication skills for students who want to persue higher study in Japanese graduate schools, universities and vocational schools. Also those who want to get a job in Japan.

Course Overview

Course Length 1~2 years
Entry period January, April, July, October
Lesson Hours 9:15~12:30 Intermediate/Advanced
13:30~16:45 Beginner/Elementary
Your class will be decided by the result of the level check test.
Your overall grade of the term will decide your class for the following term.
Holidays Saturdays, Sundays, National holidays, GW, Summer holiday, End of term holidays, Specified dates by the principal
Visa Student
Part-time Jobs Students may work up to 28 hours per week after you abtain work permission.
However, working at adult-entertainment business and related jobs are strictly prohibited.


2 years
Application Fee 30,000
Registration fee 70,000
Tuition 1,440,000
Total 1,540,000
  • Application fee and Registration fee that have already been paid cannot be refunded.
  • Please see the Study Abroad Course Entrance Procedure Guide ,regarding a refund on course cancellation before entering Japan, after entering Japan and mid-term withdrawal after entrance.
  • If students are expelled for violating the law or school rules, no refunds will be given.

Attainment Target

Term Level Attainment Target JLPT
1 Beginner Acquire minimum conversation skill in order to live in Japan. N5
2 Elementary Able to function in daily conversation. Understand basic sentence patterns and able to express opinions or write sentences. N4
3 Pre-intermediate
4 Lower Intermediate Have no inconveniences in daily conversation. Develop vocabulary including terminology and acquire enough Japanese language ability to enter technical schools. N3
5 Intermediate
6 N2
7 Advanced Able to communicate with Japanese people with no difficulty. Acquire enough Japanese language ability to take entrance examinations for universities.
8 N1
9 Superior Able to have a debate almost equivalent to Japanese people on specialized topics and abstract matters. There will be no limits on topics and will freely be able to describe and discuss logically.

Timetable (Intermediate)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Thursday
1 Pronunciation, Letters Pronunciation, Letters Pronunciation, Letters Pronunciation, Letters Pronunciation, Letters
2 Conversation Composition Listening comprehension Reading Composition
3 General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese General Japanese Achievement test
4 Project work

Textbooks (Example)

books_Minna Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

  • Textbooks will vary for each class.
  • Please buy them at the school when your class has been decided after the level-check test.
  • Textbooks might be changed without notice.

Application Process

  • Please refer to Entrance Procedure Guide and ARC ACADEMY Application Form for more information.