Private Lesson (Kyoto school)

We propose an effective lesson plan from beginners to advanced level students according to personal needs after counceling.

Lesson Example

Pronunciations Acquire the pronunciation that is smooth and easy to listen
Characters Acquire ability to write and read Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji according to the needs and level.
Topics Scenes Incorporate the scenes/topics of daily life in curriculum.
Vocabularies Grammar Study vocabulary, grammar and be able to understand their usage.
Development Use the vocabularies and grammar to establish them
Task Acquire practical communication skills through role-play by using the vocabulary and grammar which you have studied.
Summary Confirm the level of acquisition and usage.

Lesson Fee (Course Arrangement Fee : 10,800yen/ instance)

(Tax included・Textbook fees are not included)
at ARC Academy 1 hour ×10 times 64,800 yen
1.5 hours ×10 times 97,200 yen
2 hours ×10 times(5% off) 123,120 yen
on site 1 hour ×10 times 70,200 yen
1.5 hours ×10 times 105,300 yen
2 hours ×10 times(5% off) 133,380 yen
  • Additional transportation costs may occur to on site lessons.
  • We also offer Semi-Private Lessons. (should be same Japanese level with more than 2 people)
  • Please inquire for lessons including more than 3 people.

We assist the development of human resources of companies and corporations.


  • Please make the payment before the course starts.
  • Please pay the lesson fee via bank transfer or in cash at the reception.