Kyoto School

Convenient Location!!

Kyoto is the city where Japanese traditional culture and history are still alive today. Tourist spots, such as Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines are everywhere. ARC Academy Kyoto school is located in Gojo Karasuma close to the center of Kyoto, Shijo Karasuma. It is an area convenient for shopping and sightseeing. Outside of our fun lessons, you can also spend the rest of the time enjoyably. Why don’t you go out with your classmates after school!?

Useful information for Life in Kyoto!!

There is a display of information required for life in Kyoto and information on various events in the school, so you will be able to enjoy Kyoto and its many sightseeing spots. This includes information such as railway maps and festival schedules which will definitely be useful for daily life and for making after school and holiday plans!!


Please consult with us anytime you have a problem!

At the school there will always be staff and teachers present who can speak English and Chinese, so please come and consult with us anytime you have a problem even if it is not about the study. Please ask us anything, from Japanese study to topics about your life and enjoyment. Please don’t just study but also enjoy your life in Japan to the fullest.

Free Space

There is space available for chatting with friends, eating lunch and snacks. Registration system WiFi is also available.


A wide variety of classes are held everyday in this classroom environment.

College/University Information Corner

If your aim is to go on to higher education, we hold a variety of information regarding colleges & universities that available for you to check.

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Part-time job Information Corner

We update a part-time job information board and files regularly according to the Japanese level required.