Education Philosophy

ARC means “a bridge to the world”. Foreign learners have interest in not only learning the Japanese language but also the culture and its history. We hope to have a chance to communicate friendly with people from over the world by meeting diverse needs of the Japanese education.

1) Improving Communication Skills

The learning objective at ARC Academy is to acquire the ability to communicate in Japanese. That is to say, to express what is felt or thought accurately, to understand the real meaning of one’s intent and to get to know each other’s culture and tradition.

2) Acquiring Five Skills

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the four major skills of language. ARC Academy additionally fosters the ability to think as a fifth skill. Many opportunities will be provided both in and out of classroom to view the social, cultural and local issues together.

3) Various Classroom Activities

Classroom activity is mainly focused on task which is laid emphasis on how to express what you want to convey, by working in groups with international students.The Project Work to produce information program and variety of events such as excursion or or speech contest are provided.

4) Realization of World Peace

Mutural understanding and sense of respect is based on communication. The students who have acquired abundant opportunities to transmit and receive information will contribute to the realization of world peace by international exchange.