Contribution to society

The society that we live in is built on the contributions of many people.
The trains run on schedule and the cities and towns are clean and beautiful because there are people who work in railway companies, clean up the streets, pick up trashes, and commit to their duties everyday. We are also able to buy very fresh fish at the supermarkets. This is because fishermen, ship owners, people at the fish market, deliverers, warehouse dealers and supermarket workers all work together for this to happen. It connects to how each and every person take responsibility in their work and put together such efforts to make the city convenient, and the society nice to live in.

We live in such a society and fully benefit from it. We do not want to forget the gratefulness we feel for all these people. Life without the feeling of gratefulness is life without affluence.

On the other hand, we also have duties to contribute to the society. This is ARC Academy that we can fulfill our responsibility to the society by offering a place for people to learn.  We aim to serve people who want to study Japanese. Moreover, we also want to support those who want to become Japanese language teachers. We feel that, assisting these people, is our duty.

When former students face the Japanese society they are able to utilize the language they have learnt which then enables them to further contribute. We believe these cross-cultural understandings and international exchanges truly link to the realization of world peace.