Our approach

1) Research and development of teaching and learning methods

Teaching and learning methods have constantly been researched and advanced. Since our establishment, we have been rapidly working on various methods such as a project work, peer-learning and flip teaching.

2) Response to the IT revolution

The IT revolution has brought an innovative change to textbooks, teaching equipments and teaching and learning methods. We have developed and adopted our own learning management system and applied a well-advanced network.

3) Productive teacher trainings

We also offer established Japanese teacher training course. We train even experienced-teachers to be able to use the latest teaching equipment and textbook.

4) Various students

There are more than 1,000 international students who are from over 40 countries learning at our schools. We broadly accept various students for language study such as; business people, researchers, embassy staff, business trainees, nurses and care worker candidates.

5) Employment and college supports

In case students who have no knowledge of the Japanese language enroll at our school, they can reach the JLPT N3~N2 level within a year and N1 or higher than business level within 1.5~2 years. It is a useful level to go on to study at a Japanese university or get a job at a Japanese company.